Derek Genthner CareerBuilder - Dallas Data Derek Genthner - Dallas data presentation 11-12.pptx
Gail Houston & Jim Schnyder  Cool Tools Cool Tools.pptx
Amanda Thompson  Bayard Stats  BYOB DFWTRN 8.7.2013.pdf
Jeremy Roberts  Google+  dfwtrnpresentationgoogleplus-140110090208-phpapp01.pptx
Craig Fisher  Craig_Fisher_Content_for_Talent  DFWTRN_Craig_Fisher_Content_for_Talent.pdf
Jim Schnyder  Effectively Engage Passive / Active Talent  DFWTRN_March2014_JimSchnyder_v16_final.pptx
Gail Houston and Leslie Mason  Become a Recruiting Consultant  Recruiter Consultant or Paper Pusher.pptx
Adrian Wood  Link Between Behavior and Performance  Shadowmatch USA DFWTRN Presentation.pdf
Jeff Ghouse      Immigration and H-Ones  Jeff Ghouse AGFirm - Immigration Forefront.pptx
Jim Schnyder and Gail Houston   Recruiting Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind   Recruiting Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind - DFWTRN.pptx
Shannon Pritchett  ERE SourceCon  dfwtrn preso.pdf
Rick Martinez  Future of Work for Seasoned Pros

 Future of Work for Seasoned Pros.pdf

Jackye Clayton  There’s a Chrome Extension for that!  Jackye Clayton Presentation.pptx
Regina Cross Talent Acquisition Trends & Best Practices 

DFWTRN TA Trends Best Practices 3718.pdf

 Judie Reynolds  Optimizing the Job Description  Optimizing Your Job Description for Google for Jobs_ (2).pdf
 Cyndy Davis   Things I learned from SourceCon Grandmaster Challenge  DFWTRN SourceCon Challenge Presentation [Autosaved].pptx
 Shannon Pritchett   What’s Happening in the World of Sourcing  What is going on in the world of Sourcing for Global TA Day.pptx
 Ann Wilkerson  Five Things Recruiters Must-Do in 2019 to Succeed  DFWTRN_Feb2019_ANNW.pdf
 Trish Wyderka  Tips and Tricks to Finding Contact Information  Trish Wyderka.pptx
 Carrie Corbin  The Science of Talent Attraction  Science of Talent Attraction - DFWTRN 4.3.19.pdf
 Tracey Friend   The Digitization of Talent Acquisition   DFWTRN_Presentation - Tracey Friend.pptx
 Craig Fisher  Step by step video campaigns for talent attraction  Craig Fisher Presentation.pptx

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