Jim Schnyder / Gail Houston Recruiting Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind 
Shannon Pritchett ERE SourceCon
Rick Martinez Future of Work for Seasoned Pros
Jackye Clayton There’s a Chrome Extension for that!
Regina Cross Talent Acquisition Trends & Best Practices 
Judie Reynolds Optimizing the Job Description
Cyndy Davis  Things I learned from SourceCon Grandmaster Challenge
Shannon Pritchett  What’s Happening in the World of Sourcing
Ann Wilkerson Five Things Recruiters Must-Do in 2019 to Succeed
Trish Wyderka Tips and Tricks to Finding Contact Information
Carrie Corbin The Science of Talent Attraction
Tracey Friend  The Digitization of Talent Acquisition 
Craig Fisher Step by step video campaigns for talent attraction
Jim Schnyder Rapid Fire Recruiting Tips and Tricks
Trish Wyderka Github and Stack Overflow Recruiting
Rick Martinez Recruiting Millennials in the Workforce
William Tincup Creating Candidate Micro-Moments That Matter
Regina Cross-Cook Future of Employer Branding and HR Technology
Jim Schnyder / Gail Houston
Building Pipelines  Recording
David Estrada
Personal Branding on Social Media  

Charles Martin and Gabrielle Woods  

Get Creative Using Social To Recruit - Charles Martin and Gabby Woody DFWTRN June 2021 Final.pptx
Craig Fisher  DFWTRN 2021 Tech Process People.pdf
Glen Gutmacher
Trish Wyderka  DFWTRN - November 17, 2022 - Trish Wyderka.pptx
Trish Wyderka  Boolean String Builder - Mike Cohen - July 2020.xlsx
Trish Wyderka  Boolean Builder theBalazs .xlsx
Trish Wyderka  
Jim Schnyder/Gail Houston  ChatGPT's impact on Talent Acquisition  Video:  Passcode: D+AaIi44
Craig Fisher  Craig Fisher DFWTRN Recruit More Accurate Candidates.pdf
Brent Rogers  Sourcing for a Diverse Workforce 

Trish Wyderka 

 DFWTRN Presentation - Trish Wyderka.pptx

Chris "Aquaman" Carver  Boolean - Chris Carver.pptx     Pre-Search - Sheet .xlsx
Denys Dinkevych  DFTWN - ChatGPT - @sourcingdenis.pdf
David Marr  Practical Sourcing Strategies Tips Tricks by David Marr for DFWTRN.pdf

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