Speaker  Event  Presentation
 Dirk Spencer  LinkedIn for Recruiters Slide deck
 Jim Schnyder  Video Recruiting / QR Codes Powerpoint Slides
 Craig Fisher  Geo Social Recruiting (Location based) Craig_Fisher_Geo_Social_Recruiting.ppsx
 Gail Houston  e-Harmony for Recruiters eHarmony for Recruiters
 Tony Cinello  Recruiting the Passive Candidate Recruiting the Passive Candidate
 Gail Houston  Managing Social Media SourceconMarch152010.pptx
 Dorothy Beach  SourceCon Debrief DFWTRN_SourceCon2012.pptx
 Derek Genthner  CareerBuilder Derek Genthner - Dallas data presentation 11-12.pptx
 Gail Houston & Jim Schnyder  Cool Tools Cool Tools.pptx
 Amanda Thompson  Bayard            BYOB DFWTRN 8.7.2013.pdf
 Jeremy Roberts  Google+ dfwtrnpresentationgoogleplus-140110090208-phpapp01.pptx
 Craig Fisher  Craig_Fisher_Content_for_Talent DFWTRN_Craig_Fisher_Content_for_Talent.pdf
 Jim Schnyder  Effectively Engage Passive / Active Talent DFWTRN_March2014_JimSchnyder_v16_final.pptx
 Gail Houston and Leslie Mason  Become a Recruiting Consultant Recruiter Consultant or Paper Pusher.pptx
 Adrian Wood of Shadowmatch  Link Between Behavior and Performance Shadowmatch USA DFWTRN Presentation.pdf
 Jeff Ghouse      Immigration and H-Ones Jeff Ghouse AGFirm - Immigration Forefront.pptx
 Judie Reynolds  Monster Presentation Gen Z Deck 1 Generation Z JR.pdf

Randstad_GenZ_Millennials_Collide_Report (1).pdf
Lauren Wesley  Glassdoor Employer Branding for DFWTRN 2.1.17
Jim Schnyder and Gail Houston  Recruiting Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind April 2017Recruiting Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind - DFWTRN.pptx
Shannon Pritchett ERE SourceCon dfwtrn preso.pdf
 DFWTRN Slide Deck DFWTRN Slide Deck October 2017
DFWTRN Presentation October 2017.pptx
Rick Martinez Nov 2017 Presentation Future of Work for Seasoned Pros.pdf
DFWTRN Slide Deck DFWTRN Slide Deck Nov 2017 DFWTRN Presentation Template Nov 2017.pptx
Jackye Clayton Theres a Chrome Extention for that
Jackye Clayton Presentation.pptx
Regina Cross Talent Acquisition Trends & Best Practices  DFWTRN TA Trends Best Practices 3718.pdf

Judie Reynolds

Optimizing the Job Description Optimizing Your Job Description for Google for Jobs_ (2).pdf
Cyndy Davis Things I learned from the SourceCon Grandmaster Challenge

DFWTRN SourceCon Challenge Presentation [Autosaved].pptx

Shannon Pritchett Whats Happening in the World of Sourcing What is going on in the world of Sourcing for Global TA Day.pptx
Ann Wilkerson
Five Things Recruiters Must-Do in 2019 to Succeed DFWTRN_Feb2019_ANNW.pdf
Trish Wyderka Tips and Tricks to Finding Contact Information

Trish Wyderka.pptx

DFWTRN Presentation Template March Meeting 2019.pptx

Lever Overview Deck - Events.pptx

Carrie Corbin
The Science of Talent Attraction

Science of Talent Attraction - DFWTRN 4.3.19.pdf

DFWTRN Presentation Template April Meeting 2019.pptx

Tracey Friend 

The Digitization of Talent Acquisition 

DFWTRN_Presentation - Tracey Friend.pptx

DFWTRN Presentation Template May Meeting 2019.pptx

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